One of my favorite things to do is troll the web reading blog posts on the craft of writing. I’m always wondering how other writers write.

What’s their process? Do they outline? Are they pantsers? Do they use index cards to map out a plot? Do they write shitty first drafts? Are they perfectionists?

I know I should be focused on my process and process alone, but I want to know how others do it. Especially writers who are also parents. And bonus points for being the parents of young kids.

You see, I have two small boys. I don’t have the luxury of anyone being in school full time. My oldest goes to preschool for a mere five hours a week. My baby is attached to my boob nearly 24/7. I credit Disney Junior for helping me get my revisions done on my first novel and as a reward, I feel incredibly guilty about it.

So I ask you writers/parents — how do you write? When do you write? How much do you get done? And karma points for offering up tips and tricks.

6 thoughts on “Motherwriter

  1. i write every day, with my teens and younger child constantly interrupting me, whilst i make dinner and go out to work. I have no plan, and no idea when i begin what will materialize! so probably not a great blogger to follow. I’m a typical parent who loves to write but has kids getting in the way of my brilliance. Well thats my excuse anyway! Does that answer your question?

    1. So much of getting writing done is doing it when we can. I admire that you write daily. That’s probably the key.

  2. I write nonfiction, so my process is a little different, but I like to (hand)write each of my ideas on a scrap of paper, then move them around with sticky tape on a big piece of posterboard until I get them in the order I want them. Then I prop the posterboard on a music stand, set up the stand next to my computer, and only then start a)typing and b)using complete sentences/paragraphs/etc.

    As to time, I find it easiest to write at night – not as many distractions – although not as much sleep for me, alas!

  3. I have six kids and they’re homeschooled. GAH! They run the gamut from 2-14 years and I’m teaching everything from preschool to Physics. Rarely do I get ANYTHING done during the day, but my husband is amazing and totally makes the evenings mine. After dinner I write until midnight or later while he keeps the kids out of my hair. I play the same CD over and over again (several times a night for weeks on end, lol) to drown out the kids and most nights I actually accomplish words. I’ve found having a deadline *really* helps, too. ;c)

    1. I’m impressed with your energy. I think I would do better as a morning writer, but my one-year-old is up when I’m up. Yesterday, that was 5:30am. Thanks for reading!

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