WHALE: POD as ???!!!

December 9th 2013

So my very smart, straight-laced hubby is applying to a doctoral program and despite already having a master’s degree, the poor man needs to take an entrance exam. Either the GREs (which are too long and *waaa* require remembering math n’ stuff – says the engineer) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) which are only an hour-ish long and require nothing more than a decent knowledge of ……trivia. I’m simplifying things, obviously. The exams assesses knowledge of everything from art to philosophy to mythology and their relationship to one another. It’s not an easy test to take, especially for a man who doesn’t read anything except sports blogs and the occasional article in The Federal Times. *salutes love of my life* Good luck with that.

Here’s a test example I remember best: (I’m making up the answers except for the right one)

POD : WHALE :: (      ) : CROW (to be read as Pod is to whale as (blank) is to crow.)

a. school

b. murder

c. flock

d. herd

The answer……tada…B – Murder. Yeah, baby. And who knew that? This girl. (And a bunch of my writerly friends that I asked.) Because I read and I remember stuff that I read. Of course, ask me what I had for dinner last night and I probably need 10 minutes to recall. Ask Bob what we ate and he’ll recall the ingredients and the amounts.

I had a lot of fun reading Bob’s practice questions. I was proud at how much ridiculous knowledge I have stored in my brain — knowledge gained from being a voracious reader. Truthfully, Bob will do very well on the MAT test because my husband is crazy smart and manages to just be that guy who does well on all things. I kinda wish I could take the test too just to see how well I’d do. Because I’m pretty sure I’d wiped the floor with him and there’s not too many things I can say that about.


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  1. Jill

    I still think the phrase “a murder of crows” shows up in The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket, Google Books be damned. 🙂

    It’s actually pretty cool that B. gets to pick his entrance exam and can choose one shorter/less annoying than the GREs. I mean, putting aside that it’s a stupid requirement in the first place, especially when one already has a master’s. (GRE fun fact that I remember from my own days of such things: because too many engineers kept getting perfect scores on the math section, the whole scoring system had to be scaled down, because the statistical distribution they’re looking for doesn’t like having massive numbers of people with perfect scores.)

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