August 31st 2014

Last night I signed up for Wattpad, a large social network for writers to share their work and read. At first, I was hesitant. Did I really want to sign up for another social networking site? I have 3 kids that I feel like I ignore regularly in favor of Facebook and Twitter. (I jest…kinda) But a friend suggested I sign up in order to network directly with teen readers. I could upload an excerpt of GG&G and I could share a short story I wrote years ago that has yet to find a home. Better on Wattpad to be read than sitting on my computer languishing. So far, I’m like Wattpad…a lot. In addition to the prologue to GG&G and my YA short, I uploaded two pieces of flash fiction that I loved but had no place, other than here, to share.

So I now have a Wattpad account. Please follow me so I’m not all by my lonesome.