The internet is a time suck

September 10th 2014

Lately, social networking and all things internet have been destroying my productivity. Let me rephrase — I am letting social networking and all things internet destroy my productivity. Ever since I had my baby in May, I have been constantly scrolling through Facebook reading news. And seeing what’s trending on Twitter. And checking my author email a thousands times a day hoping for blogger review requests to come through. What I haven’t been doing is writing much. I’ve made a bad habit of not writing. During the day when I can’t focus, I think, I’ll write tonight. But then 8pm rolls around and I’m tired as all hell. My brain feels like one of my boys stuck his hand inside and smooshed it between his fingers.

Having young kids has been my excuse for not writing consistently for the last five years. I managed to write one book but it took a long time to do so. I’m halfway through drafting another and I don’t want it to take another bazillion years to finish. There are a ton of author moms who write, work full time and raise their kids. I can do it too.

So, if this isn’t irony, I’ve been searching writing forums on clever ways for distraction-free writing and I think I’m going to bid on an AlphaSmart Neo on ebay. It’s a friggin word processor with no internet connection. I just write and that’s it. It turns on with a button and I just write. And it’s portable. I can take it to the park. Theoretically.

Anyone have one of these things? The kids at NaNoWriMo swear by them.


4 comments on “The internet is a time suck

  1. Leandra Wallace

    Well, I am in awe that you get in even the tiniest bit of writing done- 3 kids is major stuff! Griffin keeps me so hopping, that I couldn’t imagine having two more of him running around. Well, one. I’m putting Paloma zooming around when that’s not quite happening yet. =) I hope the AlphaSmart works for you!

  2. Dianne Salerni

    After several years of writing late at night, squeezing it in during every spare moments on the weekend, I’m having a little trouble adapting to life at home, with no day job and no reason not to write. I’ve got the time. I don’t have the self-discipline yet.

    I realize this has got to change, but right now I do social networking and “writing business” during the day — like pitching myself as a school speaker by sending letters out to the school librarians in nearby counties. And I don’t settle down to do any writing until late at night … and then I write until 1 am. Doesn’t seem sustainable to me though.

    1. Kimberly G. Giarratano Post author

      I give you tremendous props for writing when you worked full time (and teaching totally zaps your mental energy).

      I don’t know what it is with me lately. I was very disciplined when I drafted GG&G and I had spent months, months!, revising it in a systematic way. But lately, my brain is shot and I just feel like scrolling through FB rather than concentrate on working. I think it’s the concentration part I can’t do. I also think I’ve taught myself that I can only write during an uninterrupted chunk of time which is insane. I never get that.

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