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39 weeks

May 1st 2014

I’m 39 weeks pregnant today. 39 ginormous weeks pregnant. I’m tired, cranky and uncomfortable. I have no motivation to write either which makes me feel like a bad author. On the fun side (besides anticipating my baby girl’s arrival), I’m having a blast planning my blog posts for the Grunge Gods and Graveyards virtual release party (scheduled for later this month). My CP, Leandra, and I have some creative blog posts cooked up for the day including 90s playlists, character fashion shows and graveyard photo blasts (I took a bunch of photos of my hometown’s historic cemetery).

In addition, I got inspired to write a cozy adult mystery series because concentrating on new projects distracts me from being uncomfortable. I really should be working on my two YA projects, but it’s hard to think when you feel like a blue whale.

If anyone has any good cozy mystery writing resources, please post them in the comments section. I’ll add them to my For Writers page.