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Invasion of the Pod People: Writing podcasts edition

April 20th 2017

I have found enlightenment and it’s all thanks to podcasts. Not, really. But I’m grateful for the medium. Folding laundry and doing dishes are no longer tedious tasks when I’m listening to My Favorite Murder or Pod Save America (those are my most fave). But I’m here today to talk about writing podcasts — those gems that dole out sage craft advice while you’re driving or walking the dog. If you’re not a podcast enthusiast, become one. It will change your life.

[These are in no particular order.]

Destination Mystery: The podcast, hosted and produced by Laura Brennan, is aimed at mystery readers, but writers can learn a thing or two from its impressive author guests. I particularly enjoyed Episode 40 with Jenny Milchman, a psychotherapist, who really understands the psychology of crime. Also, she sounds like a super cool person.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips: These podcasts are less than 20 minutes and offer great grammar tips, which no writer, I don’t care who you are, can afford to pass up. Everything from weird idioms to abbreviations to AP Style is there, so comb through the archives and take notes.

The Writers Panel: If you’re a budding screenwriter, or want to be one, you need to listen to this podcast hosted by Ben Blacker. He interviews screenwriters from both TV and film and asks them questions about how they got their start in very competitive Hollywood, and how they develop story. I wish I could go back in time and tell my 22-year-old self to move to LA and make a go of screenwriting, but I can’t. Instead, I listen to this podcast, and learn about a different form of storytelling.

DIY MFA Radio: Gabriela Pereira, who has an MFA of her own, hosts and produces this podcast. Her website has a slew of resources for writers, but her podcasts are where she interviews authors to gain insight into their process. Again, another great place to learn from the experts. Get a reality check about writing and money in Episode 129 with Manjula Martin (who I had the pleasure of meeting at an event in my town), or understand the agent/author relationship with literary agent Mitch Hoffman in Episode 126 (I found this super informative).

The Creative Penn Podcast: Joanna Penn, the very successful self-published thriller author, graciously shares her insights and expertise about self-publishing. Her guests are always thoughtful and interesting. There’s a lot here for traditionally published authors too — tips for marketing, and help with craft. You must check out Episode 294 where she interviews Lisa Cron, author of Story Genius. I swear by that book. Joanna is super prolific — there’s a wealth of resources here, so dig in, and go nuts.

First Draft with Sarah Enni: Holy crap, I just discovered this now! I’m listening to the episode with Sara Zarr right this minute, but there are a ton of YA and MG authors who’ve been interviewed. I’m excited to get started.

Do you have a podcast suggestion for me? Please comment belooooooooow.