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What I’m watching: Eyewitness on USA

October 23rd 2016

Let’s be honest, I have been a real shitty blogger lately. I blame part of that on the fact that I blog for two great group sites (Across the Board & Mysteristas) and all my good blogging topics go to them. The other part, well, I get lazy. I’d rather be watching TV than writing a blog post. I’d rather be watching TV than doing almost anything. Because I freaking love TV. Is it not the golden age of television right now? I credit Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu for forcing the cable networks to step up their game.

Because even TBS, TNT, and now USA are putting out really great shows. I remember, once upon a time, there was no cursing or sex on basic cable. Now, Samantha Bee is dropping asshole and bullshit on Full Frontal, although still no fucks. Maybe in a few years.

PSA: Watch Animal Kingdom on TNT. It’s a John Wells show (same guy responsible for Shameless, ER, Southland). It’s fucking amazing. It’s about a crime family in Southern California led by a manipulative, incestuous matriarch. I can’t wait for Season 2.

Which brings me to today’s topic: Eyewitness on USA Networks. It’s a 10-episode series, based off a Norwegian show, about two teen boys who witness a crime in a sleepy, Upstate New York town. You can stream the first episode on USA’s website and watch the rest on the cable channel on Sunday nights. (I’m DVRing the show.) Catherine Hardwicke, who you might know from directing Twilight, directed a few of the episodes. And you can tell because the show has those muted, dark colors like the movie. Even the woodsy Hudson River valley has a similar vibe to the Pacific Northwest. It’s all very atmospheric for a crime drama.

For me, the best part of the series is the romantic relationship between the two boys because I am currently writing a YA mystery featuring two gay leads. In the show, Philip is openly gay and Lukas is not. This poses a problem when the boys, who were making out in a secluded cabin, witness a murder. Lukas is fearful he’ll be found out while Philip is struggling to hide what he knows from his foster mom, who is also the town sheriff.

Anyway, watch it, love it. Thank me later.

What are you watching?