My first ever author event!

October 24th 2014

Tonight was my first ever author event. I did a book reading and signing at my local public library. It went really well. I had a blast hanging out with my friends and a fan! talking about books and writing. Especially since my kids were left at home with their dad. Ahh…the sweet sound of adult conversation. It also felt so narcissistic. I mean I spoke about myself and my work for nearly 2 hours. And yet it was so cool to be able to share tidbits about my writing process and how books get published and where my characters’ names come from. Stuff I tell my husband, but rather than getting a obligatory ‘uh-huh’, the audience seemed interested. It really was a stellar evening. It made me feel like an author and not just a mom parading as a writer.

Author Event! Dingman Branch of Pike Cty Public Library

Author Event! Dingman Branch of Pike Cty Public Library

But the best part of the night was meeting a fan. If you’re reading this, Kelsey, I mean you (you totally made my night!) Kelsey is a 19-year-old with dreams of becoming a writer. She was excited to meet me. I was just as excited to meet her. Kelsey said she had never met a real author before and her giddiness at meeting me is the same giddiness I feel when I meet an author I adore. It’s like meeting a rock star.

Me and Kelsey -- I totally have her permission to post this.

Me and Kelsey — I totally have her permission to post this.

Friends and family are my first line of support. They’re the ones who bought my book the day it came out; who championed my work to others. It’s unreal to think of strangers reading my book, but Kelsey, up until today, was a stranger who read my book and came to meet me. It was truly an honor.

I also signed a copy for a sweet 8th grader. I hope she likes GG&G too. My next book signing is on Dec. 13th in Hawley, PA. A girl can get used to this.


8 comments on “My first ever author event!

  1. Leandra Wallace

    Eeeep! This is so exciting! I’m so glad you got to do this, not only to further your career, but as a night out, too. You deserve to have more of these! And that’s so neat about Kelsay. If she works hard, she can do it too. Here’s to more strangers becoming fans!

  2. Mirka Breen

    So glad you enjoyed your author event, and met a fan to boot. Yes, it is “heady” to realize strangers read your stories, though once they do, they are not strangers anymore.

  3. Dianne Salerni

    Congratulations! It is a wonderful feeling to meet potential readers and existing fans at a book event. And talking about one’s own book for 2 hours — what writer could ask for more?! LOL. I always come home from book events on a writing high.

    (Except for events where no one comes. That happens sometimes. You can’t get discouraged over it, I’ve learned. There are good events and bad ones even for well-known authors.)

    1. Kimberly G. Giarratano Post author

      I was telling my friend that I was nervous no one would show and she said, that’s happened to her. I was so lucky my local friends showed up. I guess if I do a signing and no one shows, I’ll consider that par for the course. Thanks, Dianne!

  4. Beth

    how exciting, Kimberly!! What a great pic of you and Kelsey. This sounds like such a fun night, and it must be the best feeling in the world knowing you’re connecting with readers 🙂

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