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May 20th 2013

For some reason, I am fascinated about where writers write. (I’m a writing craft nerd and this is just one more facet that intrigues me.) Where do writers sit and create? In my dream home, I’d have a studio in the backyard that looked like a cottage made of Better Homes and Gardens and candy. And I’d live where the winters were mild. Oh, and be within smelling distance of the ocean.

So when my husband was finishing the basement, I asked him to build me a writer’s nook. I wanted my own writing space — a single, solitary space in which I could write — ideally, for hours, but realistically when the kids napped. He built me this….


…a sweet little writer’s nook in the basement. Notice the sewing machine in the corner. (I will learn to use it one day, I swear.) It’s a great space. The desk is even permanently wedged in there. Seriously, the only way to move it is with an ax. My plan is to hang some floating shelves and a dry erase board for fancy note-taking and plot ideas. The thing is I rarely write here.

Rather, I write here…


…in my kitchen. I swapped out my awesome writer’s nook for my breakfast nook. I know this annoys my husband to no end. After all, he built me a workspace and I write at the kitchen table. But sitting here gives me a sight-line to the living room where my kids are. And sitting here (because I am blogging from this very spot) means I can hear my 14-month-old cry when he wakes up from his nap. And sitting here also provides me with plenty of space for my Brown Betty teapot and various tea accessories and/or giant mug of coffee. And cookies!

The thing is I want desperately to use my proper writing space. I want to be in the basement plotting and creating, but the only way that’s going to happen is at night, when my kids are asleep. Except my baby only sleeps if I am next to him, so just as often, you can find me writing here….


…in my bed with a sleeping baby next to me. This is not ideal as composing where you repose really affects the ability to fall asleep. Plus, I get wonky dreams about my characters.

So, as it stands, I am fortunate to have three workspaces.

What say you writers? Where do you work? Is it in an office with floating shelves? Or in your bed? Or at your kitchen table? In the car? Where do you create? Does it work for you? Please share in the comments section.




4 comments on “KGG: Workspace

  1. Jill

    I love the phrase “composing where you repose.”

    Although it’s hard to pull off with little ones to watch, I’m intrigued by these new spaces I’m hearing about – in public libraries or independent places – where folks without their own offices can share office space, the company of other people, coffee, etc. I had a shared office that functioned that same way once – a big room that a bunch of us called “home” – and it was a great working/writing space for me.

  2. Leandra

    As cute as the writer’s nook in the basement is, it would be hard for me to write there, too. No windows! I’m trying to put together an office right now. Which means painting and ugh- I hate painting! Getting ready to primer the desk…maybe in a few weeks… =)

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