I’m overwhelmed.

August 17th 2013

I’m feeling overwhelmed with writerly obligations. Wah. Wah. Call me a waaaambulance. I do know how to put things in perspective and my writing problems are issues of my own making. But damn, do I feel overwhelmed and I just gotta announce it to the universe so I can move on.

So what’s piled up on my plate that’s stressing me out?




Not to mention takingcareofmykidscleaningmyhousefeedingmypetdoingthefoodshopping

Now how am I going to get this shit done? What did my friend Stephen say to me today?

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Well, get me out a fork and knife because I have an elephant to eat.

Who else is feeling overwhelmed? What’s stressing you out? (Frasier voice) I’m listening….


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