I had me a baby…in my car

May 15th 2014

On Friday, May 9th I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in the trunk of my minivan in the parking lot of the Frankford Township Municipal Building in NJ. And no, I am not kidding. Turns out, my biggest fear of giving birth in my car actually came true. And everything worked out fine. She was born healthy, with no complications, into the loving arms of her father who caught her. Her birth certificate will be filed in the municipal office feet from where she was born.

Friends and family have asked my husband and I how we were able to remain calm during the birth. Truthfully, my two previous unmedicated waterbirths with my midwife group were my preparation. I knew what to expect. I knew that my contractions were so intense that we’d never make it to the hospital. I knew to pull over. I knew to get into my spacious trunk and get on my hands and knees to birth my baby. (I’ll spare you some details). But I also knew I could handle this. I knew she’d be born okay. My husband knew how to deliver her.

We got this.

I have to thank the NJ State troopers (Officers Cisko and Jacinto!!) who arrived on scene within moments of me climbing into the trunk of our car. They helped my husband clear out our baby’s mouth and wrapped her in my husband’s t-shirt. They warmed her up and assured me she was doing well. They coordinated the EMTs and were kind and friendly to my two boys (oh yeah, did I forget to mention my two-year-old and four-year-old were in the car the entire time, completely oblivious. Thank God). One of the troopers also drove my minivan to the hospital when my typically unflappable husband was too shaken up to drive.

Anyway…so that was my Mother’s Day weekend. How’d yours go?

Our baby girl

Our baby girl


8 comments on “I had me a baby…in my car

  1. Dionna

    You go, woman of women! Your little girl is absolutely gorgeous!

    So I want to know, will you get a discount from your midwife or doctor? Can your husband file an insurance claim and get reimbursed for his services? If prompted, what will your daughter say if asked at what hospital she was born?

    Maybe she’ll write about it in her memoir.

    1. Kimberly G. Giarratano Post author

      Haha! My father said the same thing. I told my husband I should be able to negotiate the ambulance charge on my insurance since the insurance doesn’t have to pay out to the hospital for the actual birth.

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