An homage to The Golden Girls

July 27th 2014

I was at my parent’s house this weekend when my mom found an accordion file folder filled with old schoolwork. There was everything from a research paper I did in the sixth grade on Chinese families to college history tomes entitled, “Sexuality and Flaubert.” Good times. But my favorite find of the day was a creative writing piece from the seventh grade in which I wrote my own, original episode of The Golden Girls. You know…those lovely fair-haired sexagenarians we all loved so much. It was my most favorite show in the whole, wide world. And apparently this episode was my homage to it.

If you look closely, and I hope you do, you can see all the awful dialogue tags I used such as complained, stated and insulted. I must admit I did have the voice down, mainly Dorothy’s. I always had a knack for sarcasm. Enjoy!!

If you can enlarge it, you can see all the dialogue tags I used.

If you can enlarge it, you can see all the dialogue tags I used.




10 comments on “An homage to The Golden Girls

  1. Dianne Salerni

    How funny!
    I have to admit, I have never seen Golden Girls fan fiction before.
    Me — I used to write Doctor Who fan fiction. Back in the day when Tom Baker was the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith, the intrepid reporter, was his companion.

  2. Jill

    Ok, that comment got a little mangled. Did you print that on a dot matrix printer? It has such a 1990s look!

  3. Leandra Wallace

    I remember watching Golden Girls at my grandparents when I was little. And I love how Dianne pointed out that this is fanfic- other ppl write Harry Potter and Twilight fan fiction but you write the Golden Girls, lol! Ad it’s always fun finding stuff from your school days. Except for maybe those bad report cards. 😉

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