‘Half Bad’ giveaway!

March 15th 2014

If Lily Potter and Voldemort had a love child, he would be Nathan Byrn. That’s the first line in my BookPage review of Half Bad by Sally Green. Set in present-day United Kingdom, Half Bad is a YA fantasy about two factions of witches.

The book was just released this month, but (with Ms. Green’s permission) I’ll be giving away an Advanced Readers Copy (see below) to a random commenter. Good luck!

Half Bad



8 comments on “‘Half Bad’ giveaway!

  1. Leandra Wallace

    I love that first line of your review! It’s pretty awesome. I’ve been seeing this around- though this is the first time I’ve noticed the face in the bloody swirls. (oh, and don’t worry about putting me in the giveaway)

      1. Jill

        I didn’t notice it either until Leandra pointed it out. And I usually notice face patterns really easily (like, I think the paper-jam icon on copy machines looks like a sideways version the face you make when you realize your paper is jammed). Kudos to Leandra!

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