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October 14th 2014

My awesome critique partner, Leandra Wallace, had an ambitious idea to get writers of all genres together for some good old fashioned group blogging and she asked me to be a part of it. I am so pleased to be contributing to Across the Board. We are a diverse group of writers from horror to YA to romance. We’re going to cover it all every Monday and Thursday. My post will be up Thursday and sneak peak — I’m going to be talking about the short story. My fave! So check us out and tell your friends.

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2 comments on “Group Blog!

  1. Dianne Salerni

    I think it is ridiculously cool when people I knew from different contexts (Leandra Wallace, who found my blog through Lexa Cain’s cover reveal) and you, who reviewed my book for SLJ, turn out to be critique partners. Yup, this has happened before. Like Beth Kephart (lives near me) and Melissa Sarno (totally met her on the blogs) and K.M. Walton (we’ve done events together) and Christina Lee (met through blogging). The world is SO SMALL!

    I’ll add your new blog to my Feedly list!

    1. Kimberly G. Giarratano Post author

      Thanks, Dianne! Leandra and I met on QueryTracker. She offered to read my first chapter and make comments and then we realized we both write YA with historical twists. So we synced up. I love the networking power of the internet. It’s such a great way for authors, whose work is so solitary, to be a part of an “office.”

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