Dead and Breakfast and Kindle Scout

January 23rd 2016

Good news — Dead and Breakfast was selected by Kindle Scout and will be published by Kindle Press! In early December, I decided to hold off publishing the book, and instead submitted it to Kindle Scout. Kindle Scout is Amazon’s crowd-sourcing publishing arm. Authors submit publish-ready  manuscripts with cover art to the site. The book is listed for 30 days, and during that time authors are to campaign for nominations, thus earning them spots on the Hot and Trending list.

I blogged about the experience here and here. But long story short, I get a $1500 advance and Amazon springs for another round of editing. I make no money on my books, so $1500 is a big deal. It will pay for the cover art and editing for the entire trilogy.

After waiting 12 days, I was notified last Wednesday. And by notified, I saw my book cover on the website. I got the email a little while after. I’m very excited and I hope D&B is published late March or early April. That’s much later than I ever intended, but better to have a great book than a quick one. Stay tuned.

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