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Private policy regarding newsletter

May 21st 2018


For anyone who subscribes to my newsletter, I will only collect data such as your name and email address so that I may lawfully send you emails with updates and information regarding my work. I will never give your data to anyone for any other purpose.

You may unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to receive emails. I use a third party system such as Mailchimp to collect email addresses and disseminate newsletters. Again, you may opt out at any time.



What I’m watching: Eyewitness on USA

October 23rd 2016

Let’s be honest, I have been a real shitty blogger lately. I blame part of that on the fact that I blog for two great group sites (Across the Board & Mysteristas) and all my good blogging topics go to them. The other part, well, I get lazy. I’d rather be watching TV than writing a blog post. I’d rather be watching TV than doing almost anything. Because I freaking love TV. Is it not the golden age of television right now? I credit Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu for forcing the cable networks to step up their game.

Because even TBS, TNT, and now USA are putting out really great shows. I remember, once upon a time, there was no cursing or sex on basic cable. Now, Samantha Bee is dropping asshole and bullshit on Full Frontal, although still no fucks. Maybe in a few years.

PSA: Watch Animal Kingdom on TNT. It’s a John Wells show (same guy responsible for Shameless, ER, Southland). It’s fucking amazing. It’s about a crime family in Southern California led by a manipulative, incestuous matriarch. I can’t wait for Season 2.

Which brings me to today’s topic: Eyewitness on USA Networks. It’s a 10-episode series, based off a Norwegian show, about two teen boys who witness a crime in a sleepy, Upstate New York town. You can stream the first episode on USA’s website and watch the rest on the cable channel on Sunday nights. (I’m DVRing the show.) Catherine Hardwicke, who you might know from directing Twilight, directed a few of the episodes. And you can tell because the show has those muted, dark colors like the movie. Even the woodsy Hudson River valley has a similar vibe to the Pacific Northwest. It’s all very atmospheric for a crime drama.

For me, the best part of the series is the romantic relationship between the two boys because I am currently writing a YA mystery featuring two gay leads. In the show, Philip is openly gay and Lukas is not. This poses a problem when the boys, who were making out in a secluded cabin, witness a murder. Lukas is fearful he’ll be found out while Philip is struggling to hide what he knows from his foster mom, who is also the town sheriff.

Anyway, watch it, love it. Thank me later.

What are you watching?


YA Scavenger Hunt 2016

March 29th 2016

What up, y’all. Or yous guys. I’m Kimberly G. Giarratano (my author friends call me KGG) and I’m a YA mystery writer. I’m participating in the Spring 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt. I’m on Team GREEN — the perfect color for spring. YA_ScavengerHunt_ColourLogo_CMYK-01

This bi-annual event was first organized by author Colleen Houck as a way to give readers a chance to gain access to exclusive bonus material from their favorite authors…and a chance to win some awesome prizes! At this hunt, you not only get access to exclusive content from each author, you also get a clue for the hunt. Add up the clues, and you can enter for our prize–one lucky winner will receive one book from each author on the hunt in my team! 

Green Team(1)

This year there are 9 teams of 20 authors! Lots of goodies going around.

I’ve hidden my favorite number in this post in GREEN and I’m doing my own special, separate giveaway. Check out the Gleam widget in the post.


I’m delighted to host Tanya Lisle!

Tanya’s bonus content is a deleted scene! Always fun. Some of my best writing are scenes that didn’t make it into the book. I bet I have over 14 (wink wink) deleted scenes in various folders.

Tanya Lisle
Tanya Lisle is a novelist from Vancouver, British Columbia. Publishing several novels annually, she writes in a variety of genres from young adult urban fantasy to post-apocalyptic science fiction. When she isn’t writing, she is either working as a web developer or working on a variety of game projects.

Find out more information by checking out her website or find more about the author’s book in the following places:

Goodreads | Amazon

White Noise
After an unusual day at school of mute goth kids, disappearing acid burns and the feeling of someone hunting for him, Max just wants to unwind at home. When a stranger appears in his room and abducts him, he witnesses the murder of his parents and becomes the prime suspect.

Max soon finds himself on the run with several other abducted teens, all being hunted down because they’ve developed unnatural powers. Even with his new allies and new found ability to heal, Max can’t get too comfortable. He knows that the people looking for him are still out there – and they’re closing in.

Exclusive Content

Running. She had to keep running.

Jaime’s feet pounded against the cobblestone streets and she wove through the sparse Thursday evening crowd, many of them looking angrily around unable to figure out what had just brushed past them. Jaime knew none of them could see her, at least, and none of them did more than look around for a moment before going about their own business.

It would have been infuriating if she wasn’t terrified. None of them knew she was there, so how did he? Who was he? This strange boy that could see her and was now chasing her down, he shouldn’t be able to see her either. But he moved too fast, vanishing from one spot and appearing in front of her a moment later.

The first time Jaime saw him, he was with others. There were five of them in total, all looking at one another angrily and saying nothing. They would gesture now and then, but it wasn’t until one of them caught on fire that she realized just how wrong they were. That, and when this one looked directly at her.

That boy was ahead of her again, turning a corner ahead, ready to try to grab her again. Jaime took a hard left into the nearest door she could find. She’d been running for what felt like days now and it had done nothing to throw him off, so it was time to try another tactic. Hiding in sight. People saw him and not her, after all.

She walked into a restaurant, the door closing behind her. The smell of beef broth permeated the air of the small pho restaurant, little more than a hole in the wall with very limited places for anyone to sit. The dinner rush had not begun yet, though it was already beginning to fill.

Jaime took a seat at one of the tables, trying her best to blend in while trying to catch her breath. She put her head down on the table, gulping down air and the smell of food around her as people chittered on in a mix of languages she couldn’t quite make out. Her stomach grumbled, starving from the run and the fear, but she didn’t dare take anything and draw attention to herself. Not yet.

She finally looked up and jumped, seeing the boy now sitting across from her. She looked around wildly, but it seemed that no one else even batted an eye that this boy was there. The woman behind the counter looked at him and frowned, her fingers lingering over the menu and debating whether she wanted to bring it to the table. He didn’t notice, his eyes on Jaime alone and a careful smile across his chapped lips.

Jaime tried to get up, already on her toes under the table and ready to run, but it felt like something was holding her down in place. She felt like she was running again, her heart pounding in her chest and her breathing becoming difficult.

Was he doing this? It had to be him. There was no one else who could possibly be doing this. But he wasn’t even looking at her when he did it, his eyes looking around everywhere in front of him and trying to figure out where she was.

But if he couldn’t see her, then how?

It was impulse that made her decide to become visible again. She thought about screaming and causing a scene, to bring the other people in the place to her aid. Really, though, she was tired from running and she wanted to know who this boy who’d been chasing her down even was.

His eyes lit up at the sight of her. Good to see you, his fingers said as they moved. The movements were clumsy and confused, but Jaime understood what he meant by them. Sign language. It was… sign language?

The fear was rapidly being replaced with curiosity as she looked at him. He was hopeful as he tried to move his hands, though it was clear that his hands were not quite moving as he wanted them to.

“Who are you?” she asked out loud, her hands moving to match her words.

Luke, he said. Nice to meet you.

YASH Giveaway

Thanks for stopping by! Your next stop on this hunt is Michelle Madow. You’re in for a treat — her covers are beautiful!


What am I doing?

March 11th 2016

What am I doing lately?

Answer: writing. And planning.

Or trying to. Since I won Kindle Scout, I’ve hustled to finish a really crappy first draft of a new cozy mystery series with a curmudgeony protagonist based on my dad. I started working on a New Adult mystery serial set in the 90s. Sort of a Veronica Mars meets My So-Called Life. I’m 10K words into that project and loving it. It’s very freeing to write short episodes. If I’m smart, I’ll write the whole serial in one go and then release it every two weeks. Smart, being the key word.

Since I went on a writing retreat — an overnight at The Inn at Pocono Manor — and wrote 11K words in 30 hours, I have been making a habit to draft every day. I’m averaging 1500 words a day, but I’ll have to increase that output if I’m to compete in Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I’m writing Book 2 in the Cayo Hueso Mystery series. If Amazon puts Dead and Breakfast on a promo in the summer, I’d like to have it drive sales to the self-published sequel.

I am quite ambitious this year. I’d like to show my husband that I can turn a profit on my books. At least a small one. He’s very supportive, but money talks. Let’s hope it’s an exceptionally chatty year.

Total aside: If you’re a mystery lover, you must watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix. It’s crazy good. I wrote a blog post about my devotion to the show on the Mysteristas blog. You can read it here. I’m reading the books (by Kerry Greenwood) now and they’re sooooo good. The books are different from the show, so by all means, watch and read both. It won’t feel redundant.


Dead and Breakfast and Kindle Scout

January 23rd 2016

Good news — Dead and Breakfast was selected by Kindle Scout and will be published by Kindle Press! In early December, I decided to hold off publishing the book, and instead submitted it to Kindle Scout. Kindle Scout is Amazon’s crowd-sourcing publishing arm. Authors submit publish-ready  manuscripts with cover art to the site. The book is listed for 30 days, and during that time authors are to campaign for nominations, thus earning them spots on the Hot and Trending list.

I blogged about the experience here and here. But long story short, I get a $1500 advance and Amazon springs for another round of editing. I make no money on my books, so $1500 is a big deal. It will pay for the cover art and editing for the entire trilogy.

After waiting 12 days, I was notified last Wednesday. And by notified, I saw my book cover on the website. I got the email a little while after. I’m very excited and I hope D&B is published late March or early April. That’s much later than I ever intended, but better to have a great book than a quick one. Stay tuned.

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