June 17th 2014

*I’m on a roll using 90s references for blog post titles.*

My thoughtful brother-in-law and sister-in-law had this jazzy Carvel ice cream cake (that’s right, mothereffin Carvel) made with my book cover on it! We had a large Father’s Day gathering so the extended family could meet our baby girl and they bring this baby out during dessert hour (my inlaws are Italian — we have a dessert hour). It was truly a stupendous, not to mention delicious surprise.

photo 1-7

Carvel cake with my book on it!

photo 2-12Isn’t this absolutely amazing? Not to mention my sister-in-law requested extra crunchies. Seriously. And there were leftovers.












Here’s me posing in front of said cake. And my book, let’s not forget that baby.

Since my book’s release, I have been blessed with an incredible show of support from friends and family. Not only does it feel like everyone I know has bought the ebook, but some people have bought the ebook and paperback or multiple copies of the paperback (thanks, Dad and Alyssa!). I don’t think it’s possible to fully express my gratitude. I’m a lucky, lucky girl.



6 comments on “Cake

  1. Kate Moretti

    Isn’t it so wonderfully humbling? The cake is gorgeous and lucky you to have such supportive family and friends. 🙂 Plus, its a GREAT book!

  2. Jill

    Awesome cake! Is this like a wedding cake, where you freeze some and save it for the one-year anniversary?

  3. Leandra Wallace

    Mmm! Ice cream cake. Celebrating w/food can’t get any better than that! It’s incredible how exact the cover is on it. How do they even do that? I’m guessing it’s some sort of edible scan they print out.

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