School Lies


School Lies is a riveting mystery. You’ll race to turn the  pages as the boys’ search for Troy’s missing sister leads them through a dangerous web of lies, and as they uncover startling truths about their relationship, the private school where they first met, and the tragic death of Levi’s father.”
–Emily Ross, award-winning author of Half In Love With Death

“Levi and Troy are poignantly real, and the 90s setting serves as an eerie reminder of how far we’ve come, and yet how much more we have to go. Riveting and suspenseful.”
–Kate Moretti, New York Times bestselling author of The Vanishing Year

Guilt, lies, and betrayal–all before first period.

After finding his headmaster father slumped over his desk from a gunshot wound, Levi Abrams is ready to sever his ties to Hulbert Academy with a sharp blade. Though the authorities have ruled his father’s death an accident, Levi has his doubts. But with graduation only weeks away, Levi wants to get his diploma and move on.

Then Troy Byrne returns to school.

It’s been three years since Troy got expelled from Hulbert on bogus drug charges–but he’s over it. And over his parents’ impending divorce. Maybe even over his feelings for Levi. But when his troubled sister disappears, he must return to the treacherous halls of Hulbert. Photo negatives in her trashed apartment connect her disappearance to the headmaster’s death. To find his sister, he’ll need Levi’s help. Now Troy has no choice but to confront his feelings for a boy he was hoping to forget.

As Troy and Levi follow a scavenger hunt of clues, they unearth a dangerous blackmailing scheme that extends far beyond their claustrophobic prep school. Is Troy’s sister missing or did someone make her disappear? And are the boys next?

Set against the backdrop of the mid-1990s, School Lies explores the depths we go to protect ourselves and those we love, even if it means betraying others.