KimberlyMy name is Kimberly Giarratano and I’m a mystery author. I was born in New York, raised in Jersey, and I currently live in the woods of Northeastern PA. [It’s crazy rural here. My house literally backs up to state lands, and believe me, I have imagined many ways in which someone could disappear back there. The mind of a mystery writer is a disturbing and dark place.]

Other odds and ends: I’m a Jewish girl married to an Italian man. I love podcasts, Mexican food, 90s Alternative music. And TV. I watch a lot of TV. And I get real meta about it. Check out my Tumblr if you want to read my ramblings about Shameless and Skam. I use Twitter to live blog my shows and rail against our politicians. (I curse on there frequently.) And I blog about writing at Across The Board. 

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Photo credit: Chris Van Beekum